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by Uranos
21 Jan 2011 00:59
Forum: Shred Symposium
Topic: new fearless combos
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TJ, that was awesome!
by Uranos
08 Oct 2010 03:00
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Canberra, Australia via SCL - Daniel Boyle
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hey mate. good to c u playing well. gimme a call 0433 251 906 wen ur in melbs
by Uranos
27 Aug 2008 11:06
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Worlds 2008 News
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who made bap?
by Uranos
10 Jul 2008 23:45
Forum: General
Topic: Footbag in Inside Sport magazine, Australia
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Yes its me!
by Uranos
31 Jan 2008 02:56
Forum: Challenges
Topic: challenge Janis 121/241
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butterfuly - pdx mirage 100 contacts
by Uranos
17 Oct 2007 02:20
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Jorden's Journal
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lol yeah over reaction for sure, but sounds like Latin America is going well!
by Uranos
10 Oct 2007 22:58
Forum: Videos
Topic: Nemesis on video
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shredzilla wrote:That's actually Genesis. Barraging ss double over down. Nemesis is Barraging Op double over down, aka Furious double over down. But keep watching vids, the nemesis trend is pretty common and still going strong.

its actually arch nemesis, genesis is barraging pdx whirl
by Uranos
09 Oct 2007 02:17
Forum: Videos
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wow really nice touch to the video! the slow mo's were nice.

Ales should have auditioned for 300
by Uranos
08 Oct 2007 05:53
Forum: Videos
Topic: Jorden's Double Feature Fundraiser! (no video)
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Splint wrote:Can someone who bought the vids just post them? :wink:

Just kidding, that'd be pretty fucked up.
LOL true

cool idea Jorden, i wish i had a card or something but good luck with the raising
by Uranos
30 Sep 2007 23:32
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Alex Urano?
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Well im almost playing at my best after today i think..just spins and whirls are kinda rusty. Today i hit: ripstein > ripwalk bsos Phoenix - blur - phoenix - blur - rubberman ripped warrior - ripped warrior - ps whirl - spining whirl a. smasher x 6 bedwetter - dimwalk rpt That is all! i will post mo...
by Uranos
24 Sep 2007 17:18
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Another video from 'Sconsin
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you should play tackel football and get tough. im sick to death of watching skinny footbaggers who take their shirts off
by Uranos
11 Sep 2007 06:13
Forum: Challenges
Topic: Challenge Jim Penske
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Hi Jim,

janiwalker - blurry torque - blurriest repeat
20 tripless without stepping/atomic/quantum/pixie
Barroque - mobius rpt

and this combo would be really cool!

Phasing Whirl - Swifter - Janiwalker

Good luck!
by Uranos
10 Sep 2007 05:04
Forum: General
Topic: Playing on your toes
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The best thing to do is try to play without making much sound (no stomping) on the ground, and everytime you hear yourself landing too loudly then ban yourself from playing for like 1 week or something. this forces you to make softer landings and stay on your toes because nobody likes to not play fo...
by Uranos
02 Sep 2007 04:42
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Alex Urano?
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Hi! I took a bit of break from footbag because i was busy with my final year of school but now im getting back into it and playing again. I've lost a lot of shit but after a few sessions this week i got a lot of them back and i rekon it will take like a few weeks before i play at a level where i was...
by Uranos
01 Sep 2007 05:36
Forum: Challenges
Topic: challenge Tina
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hej Tina :D

spinning ducking clipper to blurriest repeat
alpine legbeater - ps whirl - spinning whirl
ripped warrior - sidewalk rpt

go! :wink:
by Uranos
01 Sep 2007 05:10
Forum: Videos
Topic: Worlds 2007 videos (Shred video is up!)
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hey nice vid!

Can anyone tell me what is the song at 35 minutes?
by Uranos
08 Aug 2007 05:18
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: 756*
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hes good but the actual world record is by Sadaharu OH who hit 868 hr's in japan.
by Uranos
25 May 2007 02:22
Forum: Shred Symposium
Topic: TATW headcount
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lol as if do a tatw head count, im pretty sure a lot of people can hit it.
by Uranos
21 May 2007 23:17
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: favorite energy drink
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at worlds 2006 they had free redbulls so i had about 5or 6 a day
by Uranos
20 May 2007 04:54
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Stuff n Junk w/ Crowley
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Go Kevin Crowley!