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by HackMaverick
29 Feb 2008 15:40
Forum: Videos
Topic: Byrin Wylie
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what a beast
by HackMaverick
18 Jan 2008 18:24
Forum: Videos
Topic: Ianek R - PART 1
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That was badass. I actually really dig the style
by HackMaverick
27 Dec 2007 13:03
Forum: Videos
Topic: Kalashnikov
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Holy hell... that is where it is at. Your style is awesome.
by HackMaverick
26 Aug 2007 20:11
Forum: Videos
Topic: Time Session (Will Digges)
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I dig this video,
especially the musac,
I dig will digg
by HackMaverick
26 Feb 2007 13:48
Forum: Discussion
Topic: what religion?
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I agree with Maraxus, but at the same time your icon is wigging me out
by HackMaverick
07 Feb 2007 14:26
Forum: Videos
Topic: Penske Video
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man I havent played footbag in quite a while, but after seeing these videos I think I will today
by HackMaverick
06 Feb 2007 11:52
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Airplanes
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I was in Colorado after new years and the airport security took my toothpaste. They just said it was to big.
by HackMaverick
26 Sep 2006 14:43
Forum: Videos
Topic: September Session
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nice editing code
by HackMaverick
16 Sep 2006 18:54
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Jeremy Mirken in Austin TX, Sept 30th-Oct 1st
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i'll be there
by HackMaverick
01 Sep 2006 15:53
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: September 9th Shred in San Marcos, Texas!!!
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what ben suggested is what I was going to suggest, its an awesome area and theres a swimming whole right there

if you exit aquarena springs from I35 and head towards campus you cant miss it.
by HackMaverick
08 Aug 2006 13:05
Forum: Videos
Topic: Worlds 2006 comp footage (UPDATE! CIRCLE CONTEST ROUNDUP!)
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when did we start getting so many beutiful women playing footbag... i need to get back into this
by HackMaverick
04 Jul 2006 10:06
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Lone Star State Footbag Tourney Austin, TX October 20th-22nd
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im there
by HackMaverick
22 Dec 2005 19:08
Forum: Shred Symposium
Topic: Flying Osis?
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I believe Kung Fu Kyle used to call it lunar eclipse.
by HackMaverick
17 Dec 2005 11:17
Forum: Events & Travel
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I may have to come just because of how many posts have been posted
by HackMaverick
23 Nov 2005 15:19
Forum: Shred Symposium
Topic: What double dex sets have been ducked?
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I think Juantomic could be ducked.
by HackMaverick
03 Nov 2005 10:24
Forum: Videos
Topic: Probably the best video ever.
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dude I was so pissed that your arm dexs were so one sided
by HackMaverick
14 Oct 2005 06:40
Forum: Videos
Topic: What to show someone who has never seen footbag? (no video)
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the sickening i think is the best possible movie to show.

I showed it and it worked out really well.
by HackMaverick
18 Sep 2005 20:55
Forum: Videos
Topic: Yep. Another One
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happy birthday man!
by HackMaverick
16 Sep 2005 07:45
Forum: For Sale
Topic: Help support Hackrifice: buy a tshirt!
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I probably would ...anything to support you man!
by HackMaverick
15 Sep 2005 12:04
Forum: General
Topic: xtreame footbag
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I think it kinda sucks.