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by Maraxus
08 Dec 2011 12:26
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Genuine Fitness Footbag Jam
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Genuine Fitness Footbag Jam

I will be hosting a footbag get together on Sunday Dec 18th at my gym Genuine Fitness in Eugene Or. There will be multiple different flooring styles to kick on, loud music, and cold water provided. We will kik off at 12 noon and kick until our feet cant carry us anymore. Please come and enjoy the No...
by Maraxus
16 Feb 2011 18:33
Forum: Videos
Topic: Sam Colclough Special!
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There Sam now we found that video lol!
by Maraxus
16 Feb 2011 18:29
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Thats my fruit cocktail Nasty Nate
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Thanks for snapping these Nate, those pictures are so high def. Great weekend and get together, always happy to kick it with others! Thanks for keeping the memory alive =)
by Maraxus
26 Jan 2011 13:04
Forum: Videos
Topic: nate linscott vacation
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Nice stuff Nate...

but are you shredding DURING the duck game?? Son, I am dissipoint
by Maraxus
28 Sep 2010 21:56
Forum: Videos
Topic: Honza Weber VS Milan Benda (Prague 2010)
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by Maraxus
28 Sep 2010 21:47
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Penske in Portland OCT. 14-18
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:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Lets kill shiit
by Maraxus
09 Aug 2010 23:01
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Jeremy Mirken's Footbag Blog
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Dude, top 7 in the world in both is absolutely amazing. That's all hard work paying off buddy, keep it up, I want to see you in the two hour long doubles match next time!
by Maraxus
09 Aug 2010 22:59
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Bryan Fournier's Footblog
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In on epic footblog
by Maraxus
09 Aug 2010 22:49
Forum: Videos
Topic: The epic Nick Landes Semifinal Routine at Worlds
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Best routine
by Maraxus
08 May 2010 17:08
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: Super Street Fighter 4
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Where's my name you know I never play and still beat you
by Maraxus
08 May 2010 17:02
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Attention People who are attending the USO AND WORLDS
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I'm driving

I have four seats, leaving from Eugene, will stay at worlds Friday night through the week to Sunday afternoon
by Maraxus
08 May 2010 17:00
Forum: Health & Injuries
Topic: Back pain = no hacky :( (Help?)
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The advice about the tight hamstrings will definitely help you Eric. If you think about the anatomy of a hamstring it attaches to the ischial tuberosity (butt bone) which pulls the hip structure posterior and creates added stress to the lumbar spine. Remove the stress by stretching all parts of your...
by Maraxus
26 Apr 2010 21:45
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: IFPA Worlds 2010, Oakland, California, USA
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I'll be there. Someone has to help me find a place with a real kitchen though, I got a bodybuilding competition like 7 weeks after this event.
by Maraxus
26 Apr 2010 21:41
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Roomates for Worlds, Oakland
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Okay - I need to start plotting this crap out now too. I am going to Worlds for the week but I am going to need to stay somewhere besides that hotel. I'll be seven weeks out from my bodybuilding competition and will be training hard for that while I will be there. So I need to make sure I'm capable ...
by Maraxus
07 Nov 2009 22:42
Forum: General
Topic: Retiring - Footbag was Fun
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Retiring - Footbag was Fun

I never play footbag, visit this forum, or attend tournies anymore. I've found my life has taken a turn toward a different lifestyle, but before I go for good, or never make it back here, I'm just going to throw out a little bit of thanks. After all, I would have never got into this sport if it wasn...
by Maraxus
15 Oct 2009 19:25
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: Random Picture Post
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by Maraxus
12 Sep 2009 15:45
Forum: Health & Injuries
Topic: My Back : Excersises and general advice sought
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The most recent research I've seen on lower back pain involves weak and tight hip flexors, ie, quadriceps (rectus femoris). Stretching and keeping adequate strength in the lower body will allow force to be distributed more evenly, and not jarred in the lumbar spine. Nutrition will help with weight m...
by Maraxus
31 Aug 2009 22:05
Forum: Meta
Topic: Ban Kyle Permanently
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round, squeeks, and wears pink

ban this kirby wannabe
by Maraxus
26 Aug 2009 21:00
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: RVFA in Eugene, September 1 and 2
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So are we on for this weekend or what
by Maraxus
26 Aug 2009 20:58
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: Post your pic!
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7 Weeks Out