Lon Smith in Modest Mouse "Invisible"

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Lon Smith in Modest Mouse "Invisible"

Post by Dio » 11 Jan 2019 20:42

I always loved the video... but it is official or not? A friend of mine is a big modest mouse fan and had never heard of it, saying it was fan-made, and the only version I can find was uploaded by Mike Toolan.

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Ask Lon

Post by C-Fan » 16 Jan 2019 09:18

If I recall correctly, I think Modest Mouse approached the video by giving 3 different directors a budget of $10K to film a video. Lon's video was one of the ones filmed (and he was paid for it, good on you Lon!), but I don't believe it was the one "officially" selected.

The best way to confirm or get more details is probably to ask Lon on Facebook, as he's very active there.

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