The Principles of Freestyle Footbag

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The Principles of Freestyle Footbag

Post by Jorden » 09 Feb 2016 11:14

The Principles of Freestyle Footbag
By Jorden Moir


1. Set the footbag in the direction it is heading next.

2. Isolate your body parts. Move only those that need to be moved to execute the trick.
There can be no movement without a fixed point.

3. Remove all unnecessary steps.

4. Spread the trick out over the course of the trick. Recycle your energy.

5. Style is what happens only at the very end of trick development.

6. There can be no upwards movement without a downwards movement first.

7. When your feet lift off the ground, point your toes.

8. To catch the footbag, the surface MUST be perpendicular to the downward trajectory of the footbag.

9. Never drop your shoulders while setting the footbag in front of you.

10. Look down with your chin and NEVER your neck.

11. Keep your hips forward. Always keep your hip, knee and heel aligned.

12. Master a trick at its most basic level (in its indivisible parts) before advancing further.

13. Focus on your breath.
Jorden Moir

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