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Post by BalinorNZ » 27 Aug 2005 06:14

Almost 2 years?

Edit: I should count how many times on this forum I have gotten the top post on a page, damn, how do I do it?

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Post by delakong » 27 Aug 2005 14:46

22 (23 in exactly one month), circle kicked for eight years, freestylin since February '05. Still pretty much just a circle kicker but with a lot of tricks thrown in.
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Post by david » 27 Aug 2005 15:12


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Post by Faco » 31 Aug 2005 11:09

21, playing for aaaaaaaaaaaround 2 years (how can you guys tell exactly how long?) and recently just hit Whirling Swirl, Pdx Eggbeater, PS Whirl.

Btw, my legs hurt :wink:
Ales Zazaro

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Post by username » 31 Aug 2005 14:28

18, jugando para tres anos
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Post by footjoe » 31 Aug 2005 14:45

15 years old been playing like 1 year 2 months if you subtract all the times ive taken time off
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Post by B_Man » 31 Aug 2005 16:13

18, footbaggin' it for 27 months :).
- Byrin Wylie


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Post by Tommy » 31 Aug 2005 18:37

im 17, ive been playing for alittle over a year, on average i hit a bunch of 2s and a decent amount of 3 adds.
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Post by Troyson » 05 Sep 2005 10:52

im 16..ive been playing for about 2 months now and i can land mostly all 2 add tricks and some 3 adds

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