Road Trip Songs

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Road Trip Songs

Post by BainbridgeShred » 03 Jul 2006 17:43

Headed East over the Cascade's into the desert that is Eastern Washington for a blues festival. It's about a 6 hour drive with me mainly in the driver seat, and I need some good road trip tunes to get me there. Any suggestions?

So far I have a little CCR, a little Stever Miller Band, and some 3-6 Mafia.

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Post by Iron Clad Ben » 04 Jul 2006 11:57

I have a playlist on my iPod for road trips. Here's a sampling:

Led Zeppelin "Ramble On"
Deep Purple "Highway Star"
Deep Purple "Space Truckin'"
Grateful Dead "Truckin'"
Tenacious D "The Road"
The Dead Milkmen "Bitchin' Camaro"
Black Sabbath "Into the Void"
Mountain "Travelin' In the Dark"
Fu Manchu "California Crossing"
Fu Manchu "King of the Road"
Clutch "Spacegrass" <--- best listened to while driving at night

May be harder to find but very good:

Nebula "Down The Highway"
Kyuss "The Low Desert Punk"
Monster Magnet "Theme from Masterburner"
Clutch "The Drifer"
Clutch "Sinkemlow"
The Atomic Bitchwax "Black TransAm"
Mr. Plow "The Only Reason You Got In Front of Me is Because I Let You"
Mr. Plow "Truckstop Lovin'"
Tummler "Dreaming of a Real Life"

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Post by Troyson » 04 Jul 2006 16:00

andrew wk-party hard
biggie-the "b" side
biggie- bust a nut
biggie-i love the dough
bob marley-iron lion zion
bob marley- could you be loved
bob marley-jammin
dave matthews band-everyday
dave matthews-crash
dave matthews-louisianna byou
dave matthews-tripping billies
dave matthews-pantala naga pampa(rapunzel)
dave matthews-stay or leave
dave matthews-ants marching
marvin gaye-gotta give it up
Jack Johnson
moe.-new york city
o.a.r.-conquering fools
o.a.r.-dareh meyod
phish-heavy things
phish-david bowie
anything sublime is great

hope all this helps...these are a bunch of songs i used when i took a roadtrip to hershey park a couple weeks ago.

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Post by sen » 04 Jul 2006 16:01

Me and a friend always listen to Great Big Sea on road trips . . .

or basically anything else we know all the words to and can sing along.

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Post by Seath » 05 Jul 2006 17:04

An awesome band for road trippin is Kings of Leon, their cd "Youth and Young Manhood" has a very highway-driving sound to it IMO. But the album must be listened to in its entiredy beginning to end, no track skipping.
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Post by sniikeri » 06 Jul 2006 09:48

You should just get the CCR Revival 2-disc Collection album, almost every song goes for a road trip song.
Which songs have you got already?
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Post by Oroza » 06 Jul 2006 21:17

paul simon graceland was awesome on a road trip i had long time ago,
so was medeski martin and wood, tribe called quest and hendrix
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