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Modified- Hate it or Love it?

Love It
I Love You Chris Miller
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Modified Appreciation Topic

Post by shredzilla » 15 Aug 2006 09:50

I love Modified and the technology for a lot of reasons. The videos, the schooling, and all of the cool people I've met here, and then in person, have really helped my game tremendously. I figured out how to cure my shin splints here. Modified keeps me driven because I read other people's blogs and I'm like well I need to try that, cuz that seems to be working for him. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s like I did, this technology is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.

Even the Kicking Circle's entertaining and informative. I think the most annoying thing is how discussions in the Discussion Forum, and sometimes in the Kicking Circle get out of hand. But to hate Modified, just for that element is silly. I've gotten into my first, and ONLY flame war on here. I just found myself lost in this hatred for some other person over a wire. Yeah, that sucks. But it's a learning experience, just like everything else in life.

Modified is a textual representation of ourselves and the world around us. We're footbaggers playing footbag and discussing how and why we love the game. Cuz even in person that's what we do like 80% of the time. The other % of the time we're goofing off and joking around with each other and loving life and drinking freckled lemonade. Eh, a serious conversation may enter in now and then but that's life, ya know?

Thanks to the people who created Modified. I've learned a ton about footbag in a relatively short amount of time. I've gotten to see some AMAZING footbag videos. And I've met some really cool people on here that I hope will become life-long friends.
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Post by james_dean » 15 Aug 2006 17:44


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Post by Guest_2 » 15 Aug 2006 18:16

the videos are cool and so are some of the folks, but a lot are douchebags

I prefer the freestylers in real life vs online

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Post by HG » 16 Aug 2006 08:13

JSACK wrote:alright well me and obara'bars, shredded our dicks off, since we are both in high school, obviously there is some sort of talent show

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Post by quadgun » 16 Aug 2006 09:31

I hate modified, and have hated it for a little over a year. But I can't stop coming back.

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Post by habitat » 16 Aug 2006 12:57

TheVindicator wrote:the videos are cool and so are some of the folks, but a lot are douchebag

Ha, now that's funny!
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Post by Seath » 16 Aug 2006 17:48

The Goggles do nothing.

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Post by bigdirtyfoot » 16 Aug 2006 20:03

Modified's alright, but it used to be a lot better about 2-3 years ago. What's wrong with that conclusion?
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Post by gangsta » 16 Aug 2006 20:23

Fuck Modified!

I'm sorry, I didnt mean it...
And now i'm off to get my "I <3 Modified" Tattoo.

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