David Clavens - Autumn - 12.11.10 - 9PM PST - Released!

Footbag videos and footbag related videos such as takraw, freestyle soccer, etc.
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Post by Radek » 12 Dec 2010 01:58

To be honest I was anticlavens guy. This video totally changed my opinion about your trick selection, skill and style man, so you deserve it I bow to you and send a huge props through oceans :D

PS. I change my opinion about footbag too. It's everything in mind.
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Post by redshredz » 12 Dec 2010 02:31

This is good. Years ago I saw a video of a younger David, and remarked that it reminded me of the first video I watched of Vasek in top level shape. Fast forward five years, it is good to see this occur again. This video is good for our sport in more ways than I have time to list. Congrats again Mr. Clavens for the great work. I believe this vid will become another marker for freestyle, it is quite inspirational. I am going to make all the newbies and OG's in Sole Purpose watch it immediately, as well as put it out to anyone else that has even a slight interest in our sport.

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Post by Tuukka » 12 Dec 2010 04:17

I don't know what to say. I need to go take a shower.

9 whirlygigs
and the last run did it for me.


I wonder when we will see alpine nebula ;) maybe even alpine clownface?
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Post by Ners » 12 Dec 2010 06:28

Wow. One of the highest, if not the highest technical level shredvideo I have ever seen. The density in most of the runs is ridiculous. A lot of triple dex links, but also surprising and rarely seen two or three trick links that you have dialed and can throw in the middle of a run. Loved the Alpine Furious. Was hoping for Alpine Nemesis, but I guess that will happen a bit later in time :) (still, the other massive furious trick that you casually thrown into the mix makes up for it :) ). I also liked the end credits, gives a really good vibe to the whole project. I will try to promote this video!

Szymon Kałwak (Ners)

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Post by WyrmFyre » 12 Dec 2010 07:04

An amazing video, once again im left torn between hitting the "Replay" button or strapping on my Lavers.

You dont see many videos of players hitting the deck, so id have to say my favourite part was the run with all the blazing tricks leading your your brief encounter with the pavement.

Ahh go on, ill just watch it once more......
Ian Cozens
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Post by Will Digges » 12 Dec 2010 07:11


You never cease to amaze me with how good you are. Best video I have seen in a bit. It's good to see you are still playing and busting huge as usual. See you on the west coast next year hopefully!

Ok, I posted that about half way through the vid I needed to come back and edit. You just blew my mind, Alpine ******s??? Man so awesome and pushing it to the limit. I didn't know you could bust harder than you already have but it's true!


Will Digges

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Post by akalazou » 12 Dec 2010 07:54

Im sure youll be the first to hit alpine nemesis !!

I rewinded the video like 5 times caus i couldnt believe what you did. This video is really a keeper !! Illput it in my ipod so i can watch it anytime. (yes ppl, we can download a .mp4 from toutube)

TY for the inspîration David.
Julien Cote

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Post by slavgan » 12 Dec 2010 08:18

David, thanks for sharing this video!
I think i will put this video to one of my favorite, and one as tutorial to the highest footbag skills ever made by the human.
Great mood, and great present for coming christmas.

Hope you are coming to the next worlds!
Slava Sidorin

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Post by RipWalker » 12 Dec 2010 11:28

Sickening. My computer exploded halfway through the last run -- on-board GPU couldn't process that many adds in visual form.

Seriously though, some of those links... I'm done. Props.
Mark Bull

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Post by Muffinman » 12 Dec 2010 18:51

This was really crazy, Dave.
Mostly it felt like a blur. I couldn't tell when a run began or ended, there was just too much packed into each. Lots of the combos were really refreshing with cool tricks. I've always loved stepping same symp whirl. Nobody does it. It looks sick. So I really enjoyed the combo that was, like, Stepping same symp whirl > Symp Bullwhip > Whisk (I think?).

I kinda of like videos with music though, 'cause it gives me more of an urge to go and play and associate the song with the tricks. If you were to have put music to it, what music would you choose (so that I can go listen to that while I watch again).

Also, it would be a great service to footbag if someone awesome at filming and editing would make a video like this of you. Same shred, but Max Kerkhoff's filming (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui3qiH7fAEI).

I'm sure I'll watch this about a bajillion times.
Thank you for putting so much time into this.
I'm sure if you continue to make these I'll donate some money when I have it (ie: that "Winter" video you mentioned...)

Huge props for being probably the best in the world!

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Post by Jorden » 12 Dec 2010 19:33

Sweet cuppin' cakes! :)
My faves were ph ws, gen-gen-bsb and alp f.

You've inspired me to make videos again.

Jorden Moir

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Ian Brill
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Post by Ian Brill » 12 Dec 2010 22:52

This and the Jorden/Jay vid got me feeling pretty good right about now.

Motor-blender-walkover was creative and stylish.

Everything else was great as well.

You certainly keep my vote for best player in the world.

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Post by Laroche » 13 Dec 2010 05:13


Like has been mentioned before, this video passes by in a blur (no pun intended) and is just an absolute paradox for me to understand. When I first put this video in for a whirl, I was getting ready to be blow away but this... this is I think the best footage I've ever seen of anyone, period. Your energy is what makes this video what it is, I love how you refuse to bail and you just keep hammering out the big tricks one after the other like clockwork.

I'm not sure how else to comment on this video, it's so dense with intensity that I can't pick out runs that stand out. They all stand out.

Keep doing what you do David it's inspiring to many many MANY of us!
Nicholas Laroche

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 13 Dec 2010 08:54

This is really really good. I didn't even notice it was 8 & a half minutes or whatever until the very end.

Is there a new triple dex record in there?

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Post by Anz » 13 Dec 2010 09:35

Nice Triple Pickup.

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Post by Pasquar » 13 Dec 2010 09:48

I've seen it about 4 times now and I still don't think I've fully taken it in yet
Nick Pasquarello

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Post by Kljopa » 13 Dec 2010 11:25

Kljopa wrote:
How? how on earth do you get that good

Just wow! That was soo cool, awesome

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Post by DTank126 » 13 Dec 2010 14:01

Dammit David! I've always had a firm stance that Vasek was it. He could not be surpassed. He was king. Then you go and do something like this. God dammit...


This really is some ground breaking shred. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I just felt the first earthquake in Boston since.... when was the last one? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to put this together.
Doug Tank

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Post by david » 13 Dec 2010 19:33

Thank you for the comments and the kindness! I really appreciate the messages. I am glad to see so many people responding to the video.

All who donated with get an additional 10 minutes of footage from the mountain of video I edited down for Autumn. Expect it in your e-mail box soon! Donation link is in the first page of this post.


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Post by brianbear » 13 Dec 2010 21:35

david wrote:All who donated with get an additional 10 minutes of footage from the mountain of video I edited down for Autumn.
soo kind :) i couldnt believe the video was only 8-9min with all the other sick strings that dave was hitting during these sessions. i imagine the bonus footage will reflect that.
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