Joulu2k16 Day III : Mini Net Legends (Edit by Mat G.)

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Joulu2k16 Day III : Mini Net Legends (Edit by Mat G.)

Post by h0ag3yb3atZ » 03 Dec 2016 11:19

Today's hacky video offering is built by Canadian shuffle super star, east coast champion 2016, the international traveling far reverse swirlsman Mathieu Gauthier.

Make takes us on a scenic adventure through the Mini Net Legends event this year as he showcases freestyle on the net field.This one brings some exciting net variety in the mix as well as some strong combos from the Outsider! Another sure to be classic from Mat!

LOTD Day III Inter:
LOTD Day III Open:

Stick with me guys we're still only doing 3 adds ! :P
Kevin Hogan


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