NYC: Last week of 2011

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Post by david » 01 Jan 2012 11:36

That was a blast - thanks a lot to everyone who came and organized.

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Post by mc » 02 Jan 2012 11:12

what a great session. I've been to tournaments smaller than that. Thanks everyone. Great chilling at dinner and bruce's after.

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Post by MathieuGM » 02 Jan 2012 11:50

Thx everybody for making that little jam happen!

A VERY special thanks to Bruce for hosting us! We had such a great time in NY!

Thanks to Matt Keemer for that long walk in central park with us! I'm glad i finally had the chance to talk with you! We have seen each other at few jams but it's the first time we really spend time togehter ! Was great!

I'm also happy i had the chance to pay with Kevin, Nick and John! All those guy that started to kick around the same time i did! I wish i could have been able to have a longuer session with you guys! That was fun :)!

Thanks ot David and Ken for being amazing at footbag and for being nice human being too :)!

Thx to everybody else we didn't mention in that topic!

Mathieu and Marc-André!

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Post by C-Fan » 03 Jan 2012 11:08

Thank you to everybody who came out to these sessions. I was originally just looking forward to playing with some of my old NYFA friends, and then these sessions blossomed into jams of their own. On Thursday we had 20 serious players…I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen outside of a jam or tournament.

Special thanks to Bruce Dole for putting up players at his place. I know that was a difference maker for several people who were on the fence about coming. Thanks also to Bruce for calling around and finding us space.

For me it was great to meet some players for the first time, like Kevins Hogan and Lassar from Boston, and Marc Andre from Montreal. It was also fun to shred with players I still mostly only know from modified, and see how much they’ve improved since the last time we played, like Nick Polini.

It was also a great surprise to see Kemmer show up unannounced. He hit my challenge of spender-void first try, as well as several other styly combos. Dave C still is amazingly good, especially since he doesn’t play much anymore. 17 unique fearless, and a bunch of super hard tricks really stood out.

Finally, it was a treat to play with NYFA. It’s cool that there are generations of NYFA in the club, from the newest (Cross, Tristan, Goode) to the mid 2000s (Barrett and Waylon), to the old school (Ian Brill, Outsider, and Dole). Playing with you all really feels like family.

These sessions were highlights of my trip, so thank you again to everybody for participating.

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Post by Wasabi » 03 Jan 2012 15:39

Wish I was present in the Thursday session with you all, but I had major fun on Tuesday and I was solidifying the NYFA/CIC international footbag friendship. ;) As East Coast footbaggers, we're all family and we stick together in and out of footbag like fresh shoe-goo. As long as you like having a bag on your foot and hitting tricks, you're one of us and one-of-a-kind in the footbag world.

Great to read that this was a success. Kudos for Bruce for being the one and only pimp daddy in NYFA. I'll be sure to share some amazing stories about Chicago NYJ that wasn't recorded on camera in person as I hear all the crazay shtuff that happened in this Jizzam.
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Post by AlekseyV » 18 Jan 2012 23:05

Someone have video from NYC?

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Post by MathieuGM » 19 Jan 2012 09:15

One person filmed with what seems to be a very professionnal camera but i don't know what will happen with the footage :)!

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Post by Max Power » 23 Jan 2012 11:09

Yeah mikie filmed, but not for very long and i don't think he got much. Idk if he's gonna make a video or not.
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