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free travel to worlds

Post by yyz » 21 Jan 2017 16:59

Hello East Coast footbaggers. I am offering a free ticket to one up and coming net or freestyle player to worlds this year These are the guidelines.

1) must be farely new to the sport

2) must be able to get to one of the 3 major NYC area airports at own expense(or to me which ever is easier)

3) must state why they should be picked

4) must (be honest) not be able to afford to go otherwise

5) must travel with me and my plans are arrive 3 days before and stay 3 days after.

6) must put in 8 hour minimum of volunteer time for worlds staff

7) must be able to secure there own sleeping space and food at own expense
8) must have never attended worlds before
Need to choose by March 15 2017 or I will have to find another positive thing to do with the ticket
see ya ted f

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