Tournament Surveys.

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Tournament Surveys.

Post by jay7 » 07 Mar 2014 01:12

Hey guys.

I've been to many tournaments, where the majority of players were annoyed by some organizational issue. For example, I recall one tournament where the main competition started at 22:00, and the players complaints to the organizers was treated as a burden. I also have driven 8 hours to a tournament, only to find out that the registration was 90 dollars, which I didn't even win back after getting 2nd. These are some things I thought were completely avoidable, and would like to avoid doing myself.

So, for the tournament I am co-organizing, Dzem Jam, I've made a survey. My plan is to ask everyone these questions, and if say "80%" of the attendees wrote that they want to play between 16:00 and 18:00, if someone complains about it, I have a *real* answer for them.

If you guys think this is a good idea, or, want to expand on it, I am all ears.

Here is a link to the post and survey I made, if any of you want to weigh in... Even if you aren't going to the jam.

Jay Boychuk

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Re: Tournament Surveys.

Post by Asmus » 07 Mar 2014 01:40

I think it is a good idea. We were actually planning on doing a survey after Danish Footbag Open.

But I never got around to doing it.. :oops:

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Re: Tournament Surveys.

Post by Muffinman » 07 Mar 2014 22:12

Every event should do this

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