Kickstater Shoe project idea

Working on a footbag-related project? Ask for help, get feedback/advice here.
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Re: Kickstater Shoe project idea

Post by C-Fan » 25 Oct 2014 00:24

Requests for the new shoe:

1. Bigger toe area
2. Some kind of target on the toe, to help aim toe stalls


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Re: Kickstater Shoe project idea

Post by MetZelRio » 27 Oct 2014 11:28

Requests for the new shoe: removable/attachable toe walls.

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Re: Kickstater Shoe project idea

Post by jaust » 22 Jan 2015 03:46


funny I've made a "slip-over-your-shoes-prototype" just like that, ken!

but seriously, any news about this shoe-project?
Michael L.

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Re: Kickstarter Shoe project idea

Post by Johnny » 02 Feb 2015 16:59

This project is still on my chopping block, the second half of 2014 I struggled very much to find time for this project, however I've been more focused on this as of late. Tom Mosher and I are both self employed, with a lot of other things on the go, and admittedly this has not taken precedence over the more critical parts of our lives. I've upgraded some tooling that should help me make some progress on this project and will try to keep everyone more up to date with progress. This project is still very important, and very dear to me, and I still intend to make this happen.
Johnny Suderman

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Re: Kickstater Shoe project idea

Post by Allan » 02 Feb 2015 20:54


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Re: Kickstater Shoe project idea

Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 02 Feb 2015 21:41

You're the men, Johnny and Tom.
Nick Polini

Footbag is good for the SOLE


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